Jane Grace Kennedy
Jane Grace Kennedy

Teacher of Singing,
Vocal Technique and Coaching

Private instruction in
Opera, Musical Theater and Cabaret

Jane Kennedy is a much sought after vocal technique teacher and singing coach known for her ability to quickly diagnose vocal problems and imbalances, and to, in a very short period of time, guide the student in the correction of those issues that prevent the full realization of the their vocal potential. Her unusual sensitivity to what is going on in the singer's body and psyche, coupled with her vast knowledge of vocal physiology and psychology, can produce significant transformation in just a few lessons. She is a specialist in all vocal styles and aides those desiring a cross over experience from the operatic to musical theater, or opening the possibility of meeting operatic vocal challenges to those with a background in lighter modes of voice production.

Although Jane's main clientele is composed of career level singers, she also accepts students without professional aspirations, those who simply love to sing. She encourages singing as a form of emotional therapy and release. Jane's passion for singing, extensive vocal knowledge, and the communication skills, which identify her as a singer and teacher, coupled with a compassionate and understanding nature, produce the ideal atmosphere for trust, confidence, comfort, and a sense of freedom and shared enthusiasm in the learning experience.

Student's credits include Broadway, the Metropolitan Opera Company,
and National Touring Companies.

Jane's studio is located in New York City on West 72nd Street.

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