Jennifer Shrader

Jennifer Shrader

"I can't imagine studying voice with anyone else. Jane has complete understanding of the voice, I trust her implicitly. She has given me a vocal technique that allows me to sing any style of music with confidence. She creates a safe and nurturing atmosphere allowing her students to freely explore their instrument. Under her instruction I have enjoyed several very long runs that would not have otherwise been possible."

A few of Jennifer's credits:

Belle in "Beauty and the Beast"
Babette in "Beauty and the Beast"
Lead Role as Principle Vocalist in "Swing"

Belle in "Beauty and the Beast"
The Narrator in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
"Sunset Boulevard"

The National Symphony at the Kennedy Center
Detroit Symphony
Cincinnati Symphony
Milwaukee Symphony
Portland Symphony
Seattle Symphony

Protocols, Methods and Philosophy (cont.)

I believe that every singer eventually formulates their own unique method that combines balanced physiological function with the emotional nature's capacity for the expression of meaning. When these two systems combine, the result is a sound like no other and an indisputable authenticity of expression that can only be affirmed by the listener. There are certain uniform descriptions of similarities in sensation and action, concept and assumption, that are common to all good singers in their description of what it is they do. But there are also those aspects that are totally individual that complete the picture of technique and the expression of art in any realized singer that makes them stand out singularly and demonstrates an authenticity that defies comparisons. I use many ideas and devises from many vocal traditions and methods, and the significant scientific research available into physiological function, to stimulate in the people who come to me the arrival at their unique and authentic vocal expression. My empathic and mediumistic gifts facilitate a resonance of what is going on in the student from the inside out which guides me significantly in selecting ways and means of correcting imbalances and stimulating crucial responses not present. The physiological and psychological natures must be explored and awakened in very specific ways of comprehension and understanding in order to organize a total functioning that is free, powerful, subtle, limitlessly expressive and most importantly conscious, so that it is repeatable and consistent. This is a deeply interactive process and an extraordinary adventure into the search for and arrival at the sublime truth of the unique and magnificent song and sound residing at the very core and essence of each one of us.

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